24" ClearView C with Speech - Video Magnifier by Optelec

24" ClearView C with Speech - Video Magnifier by Optelec


The 24” Optelec ClearView C with Speech is a modern desktop video magnifier.

·     The C-shaped design provides more working space to enable you to read the newspaper or work on crafts

·     The table moves away from your body, not toward it

·     Controls can be used as part of the base or removed and used as a remote control for the machine.

·     High Definition camera.

·     Magnifies from 1.5X – 75X.

·     Entire width of newspaper page can be viewed clearly at 1.5X.

·     Filtered lighting for even illumination and elimination of glare.

·     Easy glide reading table with X and Y directional brake and adjustable friction.

·     Weighs under 40 lbs.




·       With the tap of the screen the ClearView C with Speech  will scan the page and begin reading the material to you.

·       Choice of multiple voices and languages.

·       Built-in speakers and headphone port.

·       Touch screen to quickly change the area or column being read.

·       Touching icons on the screen, easily adjusts letter size, reading speed, and speech volume.

·       Allows you to save documents and access them when needed.

·       But most of all…you can sit back and listen if your eyes tire.


Product #:  OPCS5024

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