ClearReader+ text to speech reading device

ClearReader+ text to speech reading device


Listen to you Favorite Reading Materials with One Touch of a Button by Turning Text into Speech with the Optelec ClearReader+


·        Portable system that scans and reads aloud in a matter of seconds

·        User-friendly controls and buttons

·        Ergonomic design with built-in high sound quality stereo speakers and headphone port

·        Lightweight, easily transportable, weighing only 5.4 lbs

·        4 pre-selected natural sounding reading voices; 42 total different voices available in 29 languages

·        5-hours of continuous use with rechargeable battery

·        Carrying case and headphone port

·        Foldable carrying handle

·        2-year unlimited warranty

·        Upgradable to attach to a monitor

Product #: OPCR0002

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